Anhui 6 install city to publish relevant policy to accelerate advance an enterpr
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China invests a net (CHNVC.COM) dispatch recently, the Anhui province 6 installed city to hold an enterprise to appear on the market working conference, put forward clearly to want to accelerate advance an enterprise to appear on the market the job, strengthen a leadership, implement measure, build the comfortable environment that the company appears on the market hard.

Work to accelerate the 6 enterprises that bring city to appear on the market, breed a batch advocate the company with strong competition ability of outstanding, core mixes course of study industry group, promotion 6 bring economy integrated competition ability, achieve economy good rapid development, 6 installed municipal government to come on stage " a certain number of opinions that about encourage and giving aid to the company appears on the market " , encourage and give aid to the postulate of the object is: Already was in 6 install city to register the joint-stock company that create; Index accords with national evidence inspect to be able to appear on the market about issueing a stock to reach first related the enterprise the requirement that runs way; Advocate business Wu is outstanding, it is good to have perspective of content of certain science and technology, development, have tall growing sex; Accord with national industry to develop way, belong to encourage development or innovate kind of enterprise. The working key that encourage and gives aid to the company appears on the market is: Urge a company statified initiate group by group establish Inc. ; Breed energetically plan to appear on the market industry group; Insist to classify guidance, drive business much medium of communication to appear on the market.

It is a purpose to above city and the enterprise that accords with postulate, 6 install municipal government to executed policy guiding and drive to build an enterprise to appear on the market the stimulative company such as system of labour coach committee, connection, harmonious mechanism appears on the market safeguard mechanism of the job. In first the company appears on the market on working conference, still invited a nation yuan personage of negotiable securities major appears on the market to drafting the enterprise undertook basic knowledge coachs appearing on the market working.

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