New medical service changes plan to begin to seek an opinion basic medicines or
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China invests a net (CHNVC.COM) dispatch on October 14, new medical service changes plan to begin to seek an opinion. Through two years of much discussion, scheme appears with means of “ mediate ” . Its reform pace clarity to be able to be heard, but compromise and controversy also hide meantime, the interest miscellaneous part of ” of standpatter of so called “ and ” of “ market group. How be over each interest principal part, get a greatest common divisor, return the public the biggest welfare, it is the art that cure changes a policymaker; But each square interest clarity is conveyed and rich play chess is entered in all, it is this wants mediumly more justice.

During new medical service changes plan to seek an opinion, politics classics edition will report a form with series, the debate that changes new medical service is brought to development, the seed that utmost discovers to new medical service changes justice, discard the dross and select the essential.

The first argue is put on the basic medicines system that new medical service changes. Policy constitutor be enlightened offers public “ too basic medicines ” will achieve delay antidote cost to rise, supervise and urge the doctor is reasonable the policy end that uses drug, build the basic medicines that is dominant with the government to supply a system for this. This encounters the doubt of expert of ” of principle of market of believe in “ not only, in the meantime, system reform serves in medical treatment, namely below the premise that public hospital reform does not reach the designated position, basic medicines system is on operation and target implementation, facing a challenge.

On October 14, national development and reform committee were announced formally external " the opinion that about deepening medical sanitation system reforms (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) " (new medical service of “ of the following abbreviation changes plan ” ) full text. Among them, “ builds a nation the ” of point of fall of main policy “ that ” of basic medicines system becomes medicines and chemical reagents to supply a system.

System of to how building a nation basic medicines, new medical service changes basic directional —— administration is drawn the outline of to unite in plan make and release a country basic medicines catalog, according to certain principle, give breed of our country basic medicines and amount certainly.

To make sure “ is basic medicaments ” can be produced and use, revealed in plan produce a system accordingly to it. Namely basic medicines establishs uniform price, execute invite public bidding to calm dot is produced or be purchased centrally by the country, deserve to send directly. Adopt measure of “ compulsive ” to stipulate various hospital is used.

Is basic medicines lacked really? What medicine belongs to ” of “ basic medicines? Can the government decide the value of basic medicines? Why to want to decide a dot, how to go deciding a dot? Frame is reformed in public hospital before mechanism of uncertain, compensation is not clear, “ compulsive ” stipulates the hospital uses basic medicines, whether restrain a hospital to covert compensation? The public had ” of “ basic medicines, whether satisfied medical treatment to serve a demand?
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