Examine chaos to pile up mail with WinZip opportunely
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The reason that generation piles up mail in disorder is very much, have roughly: The code of operating system 內 that receives both sides to use is different cause, code by mail / the random code that decipher causes, the random code that mail server lead plane causes (especially of abroad do not support blame ASCII code, chinese the 8th of every character in double byte or binary format mail filters, make this information and initiative information disparate, create mail news lack fidelity or attaint) , the client carries mail software the setting is different, different the random code that cause, half Chinese character... we still still see the simple method that uses WinZip to meet random code.

Use WinZip, the chaos that we can settle a portion piles up mail (if 100% packets study random stack, that is magical) .

Specific means is:

1. If be online,send and receive a letter, OK and direct file of will random code is duplicate come down, put for text file.

2. If be,carry software to send and receive a letter with the email client such as Outlook Express or FoxMail, also want post original record is retained for text file. It is with Outlook Express exemple, you can pile up mail hind to click right key in pitch on chaos, choose in occurrence quick menu " attribute " , click in occurrence dialog box " detailed data " label, click right lower part again next " the source file of mail (M) " , right now you can see the source document that mail chaos piles up. At this moment you can save corresponding content for file of.txt simple text.

3. Manage with resource next implement its incognito to be the file of suffixal name with Uue, doubleclick this file, can call WinZip automatically and " diddle " it will undertake to piling up mail in disorder decipher works (WinZip must have been installed in the computer that precondition is you) , show encode postal matter correctly then " the truth of sth. " .

4. If use the method above insoluble, at this moment can flexible of in a way solve a problem. Following code add in mail letter head: Mime - Version: 1.0 Content - Transfer - Encoding: Quoted - Printable, the attention does not want empty travel among letter head, letter head and letter should have an empty travel between body, save for file of.txt simple text, again the suffixal name this file instead Uue, doubleclick can start Winzip to obtain decipher document.

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