Forum of cacique of international of 2007 Internet innovation will at 21 hold in
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On March 21, 2007 - the forum of cacique of international of 2007 Internet innovation that in China Beijing holds 22 days. This the peak can be sponsorred by Chinese Internet association, change by hair of ministry of Chinese country MII, science and technology, culture ministry, country appoint, government of office of job of informatization of office of news of total arrange of edition of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, new scent, the State Council, the State Council, Beijing.

Forum of cacique of international of 2007 Internet innovation is up to now the Internet innovation of internationalization of highest, height communicates the norms that China holds the conference. The conference is core with international communication, it is dialog that Chinese interconnection looks at network industry elite and internet industry elite. Review Chinese IT20 at the same time year the history of development, look into the trend that Chinese Internet future invests.

In international domain, the person that this second peak is inviting the famous entrepreneur that has driven application of global Internet innovation, standard to organize chief, new pattern to do poineering work participates in this second peak to meet, make elite of Chinese Internet industry collective share the experience that global Internet develops successfully.

Chinese respect, also will be in charge of a leader to attend by the MII that is in charge of Chinese Internet, what business offers the spot is begin to seek advice to surround the communication inside with Xiaofan in China for foreign entrepreneur, let foreign Internet enterprise know Chinese market and admittance policy code. Meanwhile, the person that the outstanding entrepreneur inside Chinese Internet domain and burgeoning Internet do poineering work also will attend the meeting, the trade that will promote internet industry and Internet of China of internet investor understanding greatly grows prospect.

This second peak can reflect Chinese reforming and opening 30 years to come to China the consciousness that people innovates independently in high-tech domain, showed the newest gain that Chinese people develops in Internet industry

Bencihui discusses the great attention that got Chinese mainstream media, in at present much home media has participated in the conduct propaganda of the conference to report, at the appointed time still will media of China and foreign countries has a special report to the company of international class Internet that attend a meeting, make China more know the world.

This second peak can be cent two days to hold, all innovation congress of midday of the first sky, we will devote oneself to delibrate Internet innovation to use the new trend of the domain and new way, leader and the Internet cacique that come from the whole world are attended and at the appointed time can Chinese branch addresses with discuss.
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