The 4th meeting that achieve be in harmony is special roll out angel capital to
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The 4th meeting that achieve be in harmony " in subentry casts financing forum " particularly roll out -- peak of angel capital investment is met

On April 14, 2007 afternoon / Shanghai smooth congress exhibits a center

Meeting general is aimed at peak of angel capital investment the project of new and high science and technology that exhibits meeting concentration, poineering financing project, invite famous wind casts 15 experts of firm to undertake commenting on inside course of study, try the pattern that project spot true condition demonstrates, deepness digs project advantage and investment value, invite more wind to cast company delegate to attend the meeting, stimulative project square with angel capital communicate and butt joint. " China runs a newspaper " hand in hand media of countrywide authoritative actual strength undertakes dogging reportorial, undertake interviewing to commenting on a project, the whole journey of media of many famous network such as sina net, China software net dogs report.

Welcome project of new and high science and technology, financing project to sign up to make what this peak meets comment on a project.

[Unscramble angel capital] a kind angel investment is venture capital investment. Investment level with seminal period intervenes give priority to, inchoate take second place, dilate period intervenes few; Venture capital investment is average investment is larger, in devoted capital while devoted also management, and meet throw as the development step up that invests an enterprise. Specified number of fund of angel investment investment is general and lesser, throw, investment arrives from a few yuan millions of yuan differ, investment period arrives one year or so in a few months commonly, do not participate in an enterprise to manage directly, the subjective judgement that is based on investor to investing the choice more of the enterprise even be fond of.

[Current situation of angel project square market] according to not complete count, angel arranges an in part in investment project is high-tech project, domain of industry of the half production in the tradition, treatment, still have a few new open industries and the industry that have new management way.

Angel capital invests a peak to be able to evaluate directory of meeting investment orgnaization

1, dragon arteries and veins achieves De Fengjie cast DFJ Dragon Fund

2, United Capital Investment Group (China) Limited

3, advantage sth used to one's own advantage invests limited company

4, ABC inferior business company consults limited company

5, angel investor

6, AHEAD Investment Fund

7, IDG

8, Acorn Campus VC

9, Centurion Investment Management

10, Mitsubishi UFJ Securities Greater China VC Fund Shanghai Office

11, Everwealth Investment Co. , ltd

12, Phoenix Investment Consulting Ltd.

13, Shanghai poineering investment runs limited company
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