Meeting and PE influence China choose height of 2007 China PE to will be held in
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Exposition of industry of science and technology of international of Beijing of the 10th China (abbreviation " Kebohui " ) approval of classics China the State Council, close to by trade of ministry of national science and technology, Department of Commerce, Ministry of Education, MII, China bureau of intellectual property of meeting, country and Beijing government are sponsorred jointly, it is the international grand meeting of communication of industry of new and high technology and collaboration. Regard the important composition of the 10th Kebohui as the part, "Finance and height of PE of China of forum of international of development of estate of new and high technology are met " on May 2007 25-26 day is in Beijing to be held ceremoniously. "First PE affects China " selection activity prize-giving celebration will be in session is held ceremoniously at people congress hall.

Selection activity by expert of forum of finance of international financier association, China International advisory committee, medium classics country grinds economic referral center, " 21 centuries economy reports " sponsor jointly with sina net. This second choose aim to drive illicit collect equity to invest the progress in Chinese market and development, promotional people invests the understanding of the importance of pair of China economy and even global economy vigor to illicit collect equity, danger of zephyr of fund of equity of collect of illicit of stimulative China and foreign countries invests the contact of the home and entrepreneur and communication, invest the bridge that direct dialog builds between industry public figure and policy constitutor for equity of Chinese illicit collect, build cooperative passageway to invest the home and entrepreneur.

"PE affects China " selection activity will be installed " the illicit collect equity that 10 beautiful of 2007 China have an effect most invests an orgnaization (PE) " , " the orgnaization of native land venture capital investment that 10 beautiful of 2007 China have an effect most (VC) " , " 10 beautiful of 2007 China have the angel investor of the influence most, of all kinds award integrated evaluation will receive in glory each award the first times respectively large award.

"PE affects China " the investment orgnaization that will affect equity of Chinese illicit collect to invest pattern with be in and investor, get the tall growing business that invests orgnaization attention, area of garden of science and technology and developing zone serve as selection object. Adopt with the netizen voting, media is chosen, media of scholar, finance and economics, research organization and investment field expert's collective and authorized means undertakes.


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