Peak of investment of the 3rd Asia-Pacific is met be about to hold
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Peak of investment of Asia-Pacific of the 3rd TopCapital is met by CCTV2- " dialog " , " investment and collaboration " career of glorious of magazine, China promotes meeting combination to sponsor. It is one of conferences with the largest scale of domain of Asia-Pacific area venture capital investment. Have in Asia-Pacific area very large force and extensive famous degree, had made main brand activity.

2006, in course of Chinese business development, no matter civilian battalion or state-owend enterprise are a year when develop flourishingly; Chinese stock market ended old Xiong Fu, entered driving bovine city situation; The gold that whole capital market entered fast, healthy progress period. 4 big banks change make reach appear on the market, field of A stock market is completely current, foreign capital orgnaization values the investment opportunity of Chinese enterprise to wait a moment in succession, be in bright showed Chinese capital market to had been entered new round rapid development is periodic. But, we see not hard, chinese capital market faces a lot of brand-new problems likewise, such as, foreign capital buys Xu to be versed in the domestic company such as share causes public policy to discuss, how does the enterprise fix a price the capital outside reaching choice of great capacity.

Current investment peak is met will with " Xin Liang of 2007 investment market nods the new trend of market of investment of period of the transition after China and great opportunity, focusing, had gone- - the VC community of Chinese characteristic " give priority to aim, invest the market with respect to exploration public policy; State-owend enterprise financial group changes the new trend below trend dominant and capital requirement; The star of the tomorrow of capital market- - Chinese civilian look forward to; Develop littoral area city, county, town 3 class economy its oneself is rich of capital and external strategy capital interactive; Found " Chinese characteristic " mode of venture capital investment; Reason faces the whole world the call of 5 big stock exchanges; Dialog: 7 topic for discussions such as the fund coordinate below pattern of Chinese business modes of life and relation to their environment spread out. The conference uses thematic speech and round-table forum means, pay attention to interactive sex. Every present person that attend the meeting all has an opportunity to participate in the discussion of the topic.

Meeting general invites peak of current Asia-Pacific investment the country is relevant the authoritative policy constitutor of ministries and commissions, economy developeds the governmental leader of the area and capital attraction controller, the venture capital investment with famous whole world and industrial investment orgnaization are leader of large company of well-known investor, distinguished economist, home, famous civilian battalion enterprise gets military thing with poineering enterprise. Famous investment bank, lawyer, accountant and investment seek advice from delegate of famous stock exchange of international, country, international more than 100 honored guest such as the director chief of the orgnaization.
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