Financing of Chinese enterprise international negotiates meeting general is held
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It is reported, highest norms is mixed till home is current the most large-scale " financing of Chinese enterprise international negotiates meeting " will be in center of exhibition of Tianjin seaside international to hold at will coming 8 days on June 6. Hold smoothly for the conference, tianjin city still will head for the United States to undertake a road act, the conference aims to be built for our country medium and small businesses more the international financing platform of fast, develop the illicit act fund of our country, financing of stimulative medium and small businesses and development.

This conference grows by enterprise of business association of Tianjin municipal government, whole nation, United States association (ACG) sponsor. Among them, of the innovation business that Tianjin municipal government drives this city money market grow, make Tianjin becomes Chinese economy to reform with the another new central issue that grow; The whole nation of countrywide business association organizes a network to end to already had the member of 2 million and many 3000 branch at present, in the enterprise the domain such as innovation has high authority; American industry growing association (ACG) it is the capital configuration trademark with well-known whole world, it puts the emphasis in grow model above the financing of medium and small businesses, financing has been held for many times to negotiate in the United States and Europe meeting.

According to introducing, there are negotiable securities and property right to trade in the assembly room, intermediary orgnaization, invest a bank to wait for all sorts of exhibiting area. This the conference will collect the United States, country such as Europe, fund of more massive venture capital investment and the company that have financing demand negotiate collaboration. Attend negotiate meeting, grow model the enterprise should have better growth latent capacity and growth ability. Lowermost financing forehead not less than 10 million RMB, the enterprise should have stable client and raw material market to wait a moment. Tianjin city business association also can strive for favourable policy of lowest, relax as far as possible the requirement that attends the meeting, want more medium and small businesses to get with this development and expand.

Negotiate can use " fast appointment " reach " capital butt joint " the financing mode of the popular maturity on these two kinds of international raises both sides cast financing efficiency, reduce information cost; The introduction of illicit collect fund in 5 will be medium, the medium and small businesses of our country can learn to be chaired by OCD of American growing association, the experience that company of forward of illicit collect fund invests in China, asset of Chinese medium and small businesses evaluates the company that buys, how is abroad partner waited a moment for the communication with significant rise in value of Chinese medium and small businesses. Of investment China enterprise examine evaluate, the content such as policy framework navigation of China; Besides, still can attend among them cent forum " the 5th China buys annual meeting " , " forum of Tianjin of civilian battalion economy " and " Tianjin raises fund mobile seminar " . Every enterprise of our country is OK have detailed communication with fund of equity of act of much family property.
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