About the 2nd 2007 China (Shenzhen) investment negotiates meeting
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2007The 2nd China (Shenzhen) investment negotiates meeting Project introduction:
● sponsors an orgnaization: China International invests stimulative meeting
Shenzhen city invests chamber of commerce
Deep harbor invests alliance
Hong Kong international invests ● of total chamber of commerce to support an unit particularly: China invests association

● supports an orgnaization: French government invests ministry France to be stationed in place of economy of Guangzhou consulate general
Canada is stationed in Denmark of Guangzhou consulate general to be stationed in consulate general of Guangzhou, Shanghai
Hungarian investment promotes a center Hungarian technology center
Kampuchea is stationed in Malaysia of Guangzhou consulate general to be stationed in Guangzhou consulate general
Sweden is stationed in Guangzhou consulate general

● assist run an unit: Small business of meeting Anhui international communicates cartel of the Anhui province association
Total chamber of commerce of China of Hong Kong of Hong Kong total chamber of commerce
Hong Kong industry always is met federation of manufacturer of Hong Kong China
International trade of Hong Kong of chamber of commerce of Shenzhen city electron is promoted meeting
Hong Kong manufacturing industry is achieved assemble limited company of adviser of real estate of general plan of city of Shenzhen of chamber of commerce
CEPA business chance develops federation " Chinese city " magazine company
● supports organizing committee of exposition of development of construction of city of China of chamber of commerce of investment of assist fencing city particularly media: ● of group of wide cable of Shenzhen of group of Shenzhen cable trade assist do medium: " Shenzhen business signs up for " ● supports media: " southern Metropolis Daily " " Guangzhou daily " " daily of Hong Kong economy " channel of finance and economics of group of Shenzhen wide cable " new money " " Chinese city " China of Shenzhen news network is right support of network of portal of finance and economics of ● of medium of strong fund Chinese: Financial the 2nd 2007 China (Shenzhen) investment negotiates meeting
And 2007 China (Shenzhen) financial exposition China (Shenzhen) investment negotiates meeting and China (Shenzhen) financial exposition will be held at will be in Chinese Shenzhen every year to 20 days on April 18. China (Shenzhen) investment negotiates meeting (the following abbreviation " CIFIT " ) with " introduce come " and " go " for the theme, it is main distinguishing feature in order to invest internationalization, it is a purpose in order to promote two-way investment cooperation. CIFIT is China invest one of stimulative activities in order to promote what two-way investment is a purpose internationally at present, also be China most distinctive investment sex is exhibited one of meetings. CIFIT is revealed in the round not only and the policy of the investment climate of city of introductory China each province, investment, project that enrol business reachs company product, before also investing those who draw each countries and district the orgnaization at the same time, will join exhibit and hold investment to explain meeting, recommend meeting. 2006 first " CIFIT " attracted in all come from invest orgnaization and enterprise and round ginseng of city and 46 area groups many times 100 domestic and internationally to exhibit, rolled out project of more than 1000 capital attraction to seek a partner. On the meeting, held autograph of grand investment project butt joint to arrange a ceremony, investment autograph makes an appointment with amount to amount to many yuan of 30 RMB. On the foundation of first Shenzhen CIFIT, sponsor according to the organizing committee, undertake the unit offers, ginseng extend unit proposal, first China will be held in the corresponding period of the 2nd CIFIT (Shenzhen) financial exposition, achieve serve investment with finance, promote the perfect tie that finance innovates in order to invest. China (Shenzhen) financial exposition (the following abbreviation " Jinbohui " ) will with " investment, conduct financial transactions, service " give priority to a problem, pass peak of exhibition, forum, high level the mobile form of a lot of rich and colorful such as forum of meeting, conduct financial transactions, publicize and disseminate professional knowledge of financial conduct financial transactions, promote enterprise and consciousness of citizen conduct financial transactions and money management skill. Meet through be being exhibited this, build an integrated finance to serve platform for unit of financial orgnaization, company and citizen on one hand; The communication that also is helpful for strengthening domestic banking to serve orgnaization and foreign finance orgnaization on the other hand and study, stimulative banking service is commercialized and internationalization. "Jinbohui " will collect the most extensive company natural resources, expert and client group, make effort " financial Shenzhen, benefit Shenzhen " distinguished gathering of international banking industry, implementation " finance promotes economy, finance serves an industry " congress tenet. 2007 China (Shenzhen) investment negotiates meeting and 2007 China (Shenzhen) financial exposition will exhibit a center to kick off grandly at was in Shenzhen to meet on April 18, 2007. We invite you to attend this grand meeting cordially, get together together with us Shenzhen, experience Shenzhen, witness Shenzhen, results Shenzhen!
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