Congress of venture capital investment of the 2nd 2007 China is about to hold in
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Congress of venture capital investment of the 2nd 2007 China " be about to hold at will be in Shanghai on May 30, this second congress by get together the net is held, it is and other places of afterwards Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou poineering investment negotiates the another investment dak after the meeting. Achieve cast financing congress to still be held to to do poineering work project and capital provide deal with concrete matters relating to work, efficient butt joint platform, gathered capital of IDG, Chinese larch, now capital, associate the investment firm with 50 famous international such as investment is participated in, as much those who come from the angel investor at countrywide each district is participate in, still have at the same time numerous come from the friend that invests at the industry.

Through investing forum at present successful be in harmony goes to the enterprise of capital to had had hundreds, capital total achieves billions of RMB. The enterprise that negotiating already amounted to above of a hunderd schools, attend the conference to be able to have new project plenary meeting every time, had attracted 300 many projects to sign up at present attend, the financing domain that Bencihui discusses besides as before medium of website of popular electronic business affairs, wireless Internet, industry, network and outside shedding media to wait for respect project, return the demand according to investor and below one round investment heat, add the item that included the relevant property such as service of biology science and technology, new material, travel and car service.

Get together one billow crosses the great mass fervor that the net joins financing conference high one billow, because already countless outstanding projects can gain the favour of angel investment and person of venture capital investment through casting financing to negotiate,be: Financing negotiates can be Shanghai successfully inferior roc the success of project financing; that Yan Jiang concluded the manager that the investment; that Li Ming of manager of limited company of biology science and technology obtains 10 million yuan of RMB is limited company of equipment of phone of wind of Shanghai Lin wind successfully to always invest 200 million RMB is outstanding, invest cooperative intent agreement in what signed 10 million U.S. dollors on the spot.

Financing negotiates the person that can do poineering work for these people with angel investment orgnaization builds bridge of a gold! They are harvesting success and hope! They are not former times comparing today, dare not imagine they may be industry heroes of future. Review glad 2006 extremely, because the person do poineering work of a lot of realized their poineering dream through forum! Look into 2007 feel pressure is heavier and heavier, still so much outstanding project awaits the expert's guidance and help!

This second achieve join financing mass rally, had been led by Shanghai municipal Party committee, development of new and high technology goes taking seriously of the leader highly, tie industrial environment of the whole nation and favourable policy, the welcome has the industrialist of poineering dream, get together investment financing forum, we believe this is the grand meeting that discusses compose of investment value catenary to build, in the meantime, this second congress is negotiating on means, install link of 0 distances butt joint technically, let join meeting project and investment to just sufficient butt joint be in harmony talks about an opportunity. The organizing committee is drawn lessons from invite applications for a job is met and extend the form such as the meeting, arrangement casts those representing capital and project to just undertake in order to extend a negotiated form osculatory, the project just needs to upload specification in official website only, wait for a related side to undertake examine and verify can be obtained through what the organizing committee belongs to forehead of domain, financing to spend in the project refer meeting opportunity.
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