Annual meeting of Chinese industry website will be held on August 16 2007
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The latest news that reporter of Silicon Valley motivation will get on July 16, 2007 annual meeting of Chinese industry website and 100 strong peaks are met be about to hold at was in Beijing on August 16, 2007, will announce Chinese industry website ceremoniously 100 strong list, and each large award such as business of service of first selection of business affairs of provider of IDC of first selection of electronic business affairs, electron. Current annual meeting is coached by association of business affairs of MII, electron and Internet association, information of group of computer world medium, plan world and combination of industry website research center are sponsorred, got Chinese larch capital, Magensitanli, Chinese the support that can wait for investment orgnaization. Sina regards the portal partnership of this congress as associate, made special subject for congress, will undertake spot direct seeding to annual meeting. In addition, " IT manager world " , tens of penates classics such as motivation of report of economy of economic observation newspaper, 21 centuries, Silicon Valley, Cnet and network media will attend congress to have a story.

Disclose according to congress organizing committee, annual meeting of website of “ China industry and 100 strong peaks are met”Will cast financing opportunity ” , “ around “ industry website perpendicular with ” of catenary of industry of commerce of electron of integrated ” , “ , “ credit and pay a challenge website of industry of ” , “ 100 strong”This 5 big themes spread out, family status of straight face trade grows most scabrous content sorts problem of difficulty of bottleneck, excessive fine classify, pass orgnaization of successful personage, authoritative expert, investment, strong media, clear away an obstacle for development of trade family status jointly, family status of the trade that help strength and high speed of perpendicular website health develop.

As we have learned, at present already ginseng of 10 several investment public figure signing up are met, the development foreground of industry website already caused the attention of investor of numerous windy danger, vice-president of China of Chinese larch capital plan think more, it is more good that industry website develops to still be met this year, the demand that because give an user,brings is apparent existence. And the investigation that occupies congress organizing committee additionally, at present most industry website has fixed income, but still cannot rely on oneself income to manage operation, put in financing demand. The industry website that plan world information carries honored guest of industry website research center, investment to be chosen 100 strong list, will conduce to investment public figure choosing investment target, discover new market opportunity.

Current, you are digital China, good nearly 10 orgnaizations such as net of China of drift net of content of travel agent of online, swan, China, Lagoo are business of World-Wide-Web, look forward to congress provided assistance and support.
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