"Investment of recreation of 2007 China number develops forum " will hold in Sha
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Chinese market is achieved cast research and service orgnaization ChinaVenture to announced recently, will hand in hand ChinaJoy organizing committee holds recreation of “2007 China number to invest development forum ” jointly, this forum will read extensively in Shanghai new international on July 14, 2007 the center is held.

The interactive entertainment that has force most as the whole world exhibits one of forum of meeting ——ChinaJoy series, since investment of recreation of “ China number develops forum ” to be held first from 2006, the height that gained the personage inside the industry pays close attention to and expect, piper Jaffray of bank of investment of famous wall street serves as undertook to just organize this forum.

The classics in currently holding the post ofKPCB to carry out hero of copartner week keep in mind, United States adds up to president Zhang Ying, vessel sunshine achieve cast copartner Huang Yan, and ChinaVenture currently holds the post offather to held the well-known investor such as trustee Chen Jie concurrently to attend 2006 first forum.

This year, chinaVenture obtained this second forum to undertake authority, the agenda that is in charge of this second forum in the round setting, honored guest invites and the conference is chaired wait for the job, obtained sponsor square ChinaJoy organizing committee, and Beijing Han Wei shows limited company support energetically.

Achieve the research that drops market major and service orgnaization as China, chinaVenture will invite CEO of company of business of more venture capital investment, famous game to wait participate in, install richer link to discuss game industry to expand foreground and investment opportunity in agenda admiral, among them the discussion heat that the industry such as game of the bag outside network game, game, mobile phone will become investor and entrepreneur.

In addition, forum still will be released at the same time " industry of ChinaVenture China game casts financing to report " , the capital that analyses game industry runs a condition. The project that forum still will plan business of venture capital investment and company high level negotiates meeting, build information communication platform with poineering entrepreneur for business of venture capital investment.

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