Get together the net will hold 2007 metaphase to achieve in Shanghai join financ
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On July 31, get together the net will hold 2007 metaphase to achieve in Shanghai join financing mass rally, this the conference will invite domestic and international venture capital investment orgnaization and outstanding in later period enterprise, the business of venture capital investment that discusses the China below the condition that changes to hamster, Latin America in Euramerican venture capital investment jointly the development road henceforth. Grand meeting still is about to guide Chinese enterprise to walk out of wind to throw hot water through communication, make a batch of preeminent poineering groups.

Sponsor just get together general manager of net Shanghai branch expresses, 2007 metaphase are achieved cast financing congress to will emphasize square ginseng of project of the later period in inviting to meet, especially traditional trade poineering group. On one hand, poineering group need contacts wind of support of the people of venture capital investment to cast an industry through a such platform, this to them the success of the career and part changeover will have very great sense henceforth; On the other hand, venture capital also needs appropriate in later period project, and also hope very much see transition of more success of the person that do poineering work, expand with this development Chinese native land venture capital investment.

2007, although China is achieved,cast an industry to develop gradually perfect, but no matter be wind,join a company or do poineering work the group is facing very severe problem as before. On one hand, as a result of the improvement of investment climate of hamster, Latin America, international venture capital changed eye to other area from East Asia gradually, the wind that this makes China successful casts entrepreneur to be faced with whether to let wind cast the choice that steps door going abroad. On the other hand, even if the wind that is willing to stay joins a company, their look often also pays close attention to more at traditional industry, and very few however to the TMT domain that those need wind to deliver attention more make inquires. But the fact shows, traditional project because its are taller to the requirement of cost and technology, although be paid close attention to, find appropriate wind very hard also to join a company. This can'ts help making orgnaization of venture capital investment, investor, poineering group was immersed in a kind to step forward at the same time the predicament of dimension difficult, face this kinds of situation, be necessary to cast ” to undertake communicate and be exploringed to wind of “ China type, allow capital volition and poineering spirit is perfect butt joint.

This second congress will invite person of domestic famous venture capital investment to wait like Shen Napeng, Xu Xin, poineering orgnaization of poineering orgnaization of domain of personage, TMT, as traditional as orgnaization of domestic and international investment, poineering success industry, senior Internet person together, make a speech with the theme, even if the means that round-table forum and project comment on is talked achieve send a form, discuss wind to throw the way of internationalization. This will be Shanghai area wind with the biggest, highest administrative levels cast dimensions 2007 grand meeting.
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