"Congress of venture capital investment of first 2007 Wuhan " will hold ceremoni
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In September 2007 18-19 day, ” of congress of first Wuhan venture capital investment will be in “2007 Wuhan is held ceremoniously. This second congress by China platform of the biggest angel investment community, angel invests China of angel of portal website China Angle to sponsor.

As the area of the eastpart part such as Beijing, Shanghai investment foamy grows increasingly, VC is breaking away from TMT industry and area of the eastpart part gradually, more pitchs the line of vision industry of Xiang Fei TMT, center-west region, how does Wuhan entrepreneur receive China to achieve join a group phenomenon of this one move? Wuhan conducts enterprise of all manufacturing industry, burgeoning poineering business, how be passed and does compose of abroad fund collaboration build countrywide brand business?

Investor enters pan of domain of ministry of Chinese and Western in succession, more potential project is had in center-west region still doing poineering work silently, the project that more has actual strength does not know how to involve hand cooperation with international VC. So, project of what innovation form is there to have tremendous investment opportunity in Wuhan? Project of what traditional industry can get the favour of investor? Can famous VC consider to consider those industries to have investment in center-west region? The new old VC that numerous attention center-west region invests will gather Wuhan, reporter of media of curule, finance and economics will assemble in old man of well-known investor, native land commerce, government, the person do poineering work of Wuhan area people how will undertake cooperative with communication of well-known investor, angel investor; Congress general arrangement makes a project square taking commercial specification to seek angel investment, venture capital investment between one climate, let both sides realize close butt joint to communicate.

Occupy angel China CEO Mr Yu Zhijun to divulge, china of this second congress angel will combine investor of business of many 100 investment, angel, it is the Wuhan convention industry, landed enterprise, person that do poineering work to offer a project to invest the opportunity of close butt joint jointly.

This second congress is cent 18-19 2 days to hold, high level of the VC of opportunity of investment of center-west region of 18 days of numerous attention and Wuhan mainland entrepreneur, poineering home, government, financing is successful enterprise delegate, overseas exchange is represented will assemble in, wuhan area goes famous entrepreneur, successfully how will qualitative poineering home undertake investing cooperative with famous VC communication; “ project investment of 19 days is met to be in harmony ” will arrange speak or sing alternately of 3 branch field to negotiate, the project just is taking commercial specification to search butt joint of angel investment, venture capital investment to communicate.
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