Industry of health of medicine of the 2nd China casts financing peak to meet be
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The industry casts the health of medicine of the 2nd China that by Beijing blessing limited company of science and technology of Lang Feihua medicine and Beijing add up to numerous century to invest advisory limited company to sponsor financing peak is met, will be in Beijing on November 1 Asian big public house is held.

This peak can aim to be company of health of our country medicine and abroad venture fund / the platform that illicit collect fund builds a cooperation, the pull wires of medical health company that has growing latent capacity most for international capital and mainland builds the bridge. At the appointed time, the elite character of domain of numerous domestic and international venture capital investment, the well-known industry group of the healthy and relevant industry such as service of medicine, medical apparatus and instruments, medical treatment is gotten army person the assemble the peak is met. The orgnaization of many abroad and famous venture capital investment such as Asia of orchid strong and pervasive fragrance, IDGVC, KPCB, Hua Dengguo border will be on the meeting cast financing project requirement and relevant regulation undertake making a speech with respect to international.

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