Chinese wind casts forum to will be held in April
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8 years ago, a company of very small science and technology is in Shenzhen dimension difficult steps forward in Internet bubble, consider to want to sell for a time. But fall in the help of venture capital investment, this enterprise expanded quickly the market, came true to appear on the market, market prise has reached nearly 3.3 billion dollar nowadays. This is the experience of the Tecent company with well-known Shenzhen, the tremendous effect that wind throws was reflected on its body. To today, venture capital investment has become numerous small company especially the roll booster of high-tech enterprise, shenzhen will receive territory of venture capital investment again this year in April top class wind and cloud speaks, grand meeting of 10 years of special year will hold Chinese venture capital investment ceremoniously.

Wind casts forum Shenzhen will be held in April

According to introducing, “2008(the 10th) forum of Chinese venture capital investment and capital of 2008 China venture - project butt joint is met ” will be in Shenzhen at will coming 13 days on April 9 5 continent guesthouse is held. Current forum by civilian build in the center of, government of province of ministry of science and technology, Guangdong and Shenzhen municipal government are sponsorred jointly. Forum organizing committee expresses, “2008(the 10th) ” of forum of Chinese venture capital investment and go to a forum photograph than, the sense is more great. 10 years of peaks of growing development of ” of forum of venture capital investment of China of its since “ are met, was 1998 countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference 9 conference “ ”(of a draft resolution " a few opinion that grows enterprise of our country venture capital investment about accelerating " ) the commemorative grand ceremony that releases 10 years, it is industry of Chinese venture capital investment 10 years more the milepost of harships.

Current forum will be become by vice-chairman of standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress think of danger to hold the position of organizing committee honorary president, 10 thousand steel hold the position of minister of ministry of science and technology chairman. “2008(the 10th) ” of forum of Chinese venture capital investment will build perfect development environment with “ compose, make ” of complete PE/VC industry catenary give priority to a problem, bear before after opening, summary China venture capital investment is advanced development general situation of 10 years, the development of 10 years after be opposite undertakes expectation, the heat problem that faces in the light of place of bound of current venture capital investment undertakes development discussion.

Current forum still will invest the core topic for discussion such as ” of industry fluoroscopy ” , “ RMB fund around “2008 heat, pass through thorough analysis and interactive type discuss, hold Chinese macroscopical economy and policy trend, announce capital of global illicit collect and the heat of venture capital investment and trend, help poineering enterprise open lead to the door of capital market.
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