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Square tempest of president of tall Cheng Gaohua of stockjobber of tall Cheng Zaihua plans to establish fund of the bark of official magnolia of 2 billion dollar (HOPE) recrudesce of be related rumour: Memorandum of interior of cite Gao Cheng weighed dispatches from foreign news agency yesterday, tall Cheng Zaihua casts Richard Ong of president of banquet of industry Wu couplet to be about to leave his post, and this action is for assistance square tempest prepares to construct with fund of operation the bark of official magnolia.

Spokesman of news of headquarters of tall Cheng Yatai yesterday to " daily of the first finance and economics " confirm, richard Ong will leave his post this month, but she rejects those who comment on this person to leave one's post reason whether as square as assistance tempest or it is to join in fund of the bark of official magnolia is concerned; She expresses, at present the CEO of tall Cheng Gaohua is Cai Jinyong, but did not divulge this person is specific assume office date.

On the other hand, the news spokesman of tall Cheng Gaohua to " daily of the first finance and economics " express, square tempest can continue to hold the position of president of tall Cheng Gaohua, but she is judged without the relevant hearsay buy to fund of the bark of official magnolia. Last year the end of the year, the illicit collect equity that the message calls a dimensions of tempest preparing group 2 billion dollar invests fund, gaocheng and weak horse stannum serve as limited partner, had parted contributive 300 million dollar and 1 billion dollar, but both sides responds to this matter without the front up to now.

Cite of beautiful that day state-owned media fills internal memo high to say, gao Cheng won't leave temporarily after Richard Ong leaves his post, become advisory director however, he will build dimensions to amount to the fund of the bark of official magnolia of 2 billion dollar in all hand in hand with square tempest; According to saying this memorandum still points out, former CEO of tall Cheng Gaohua checks exposed to the sun to already left a company.

Disclose to the reporter to the personage inside this course of study, after tall Cheng Gaohua holds water by 2004, fill a respect high to plan to let Richard Ong hold the position of the CEO of joint-stock company all the time, but ability of this person Chinese is limited, animal farm is met at card inspect the tall canal qualification of Chinese form holds a post exam, because this fills tall Hua Yuan high,vice-president checks exposed to the sun to took up the post of this company CEO in June 2007. Dan Gaocheng Gao Hua did not disclose check exposed to the sun when to resign CEO one duty.

By 2007, the message says respect of Richard Ong Xiang Gaocheng submits resignation, will be left his post in March this year by approval, there is a kind of view at that time is the birthplace Malaysia that Richard   Ong will return him, run huge familial business. Before this, what Richard Ong of 42 years old is as long as 15 years in battle of expensive rich dress is long, tall Cheng Yazhou is held the position of before leaving one's post (outside dividing Japan) the associated person in charge that drops industry Wu; 2006 after transfer Beijing, a few when become the superlative degree of Gao Cheng group to fasten are stationed in China one of banker.
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