Domestic head 80 hind poineering investment congress will be held in Shanghai on
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On November 7, home pays close attention to first times 80 hindDo poineering workPerson, 80 hind the parvenu of special meeting ——“ of investor rises abruptly investment congress ” does poineering work to will be held in Shanghai after ——80. At the appointed time, numerous 80 hind the person that do poineering work and tens of 80 hind investor, household company person of door of the 2nd acting palm and firm of many 30 famous investment, the assemble, discuss jointly 80 hind the road of poineering investment

Wait for a batch of 80 time as Li Xiang, Dai Zhikang, Gao RanYoungThe person that do poineering work people the eye shot that rushs into people in succession, 80 hind doing poineering work is mythological no longer already, at the same time more and more 80 hind investor also begins to rise to surface in market of Chinese venture capital investment, one is lifted in China 80 hind poineering investment tide. But the 80 generation experiential after are insufficient, the likelihood in bringing about their process in poineering investment easily however should be endured big cases fall greatly. How to produce oneself advantage, cut a figure in boundless and indistinct poineering main forces? How aggregate more force, borrow force to make force accelerates development? Already became 80 hind mostCareproblem.
“ this is a special group, embracing tremendous fortune opportunity, enduring confused all previous to drill, enjoying the flower with successful phase and applause, bearing the bad name of radical setback. We are necessary to consider 80 hind this batch of poineering youths. The La Hai that ” sponsors a second plenary meeting is achieved castCEOYang Pei expresses. He thinks, 80 hind entering social mainstream with positive attitude, carrying the heavy responsibility that has social backbone power stage by stage. The China of 21 centuries, be sure to lean 80 hind entrepreneur will manage make.
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