Investment in physical gold to be careful ask what channel is the key repo
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Person in 2007 to 160 yuan / buy grams of gold worth more than ten million, of which there are both physical gold paper gold. When this year want to sell, the paper gold is very easy shot, but bullion is no choice but to remain in the hands. "Banks do not buy, do not know the sell to only remain in the hands." It is understood that almost all the banks have introduced a personal gold investment products. Physical gold operations have been carried out which bank a few, there is ICBC's "ideal gold bars," ABC's move of the consignment of gold bullion, the bank's "Long Ding Jin" series, as well as Industrial Bank (601166, stock it) physical gold trading, China Merchants Bank's "high-Purcell," gold bars, deep issue of the "Poly Campbell", Huaxia Bank (600015, stock it) the "Golden surplus" and so on. Banks to sell their gold trading is very enthusiastic, customer at time of purchase is also very convenient, as long as with a bank card can be traded freely. Bank staff noted that the bank can not be like shopping malls, supermarkets, as models with counter sales. If customers need to extract the physical, then a week in advance booking, and then pick up from the vault. Buy physical gold to pay the full purchase threshold is relatively high. It requires at least a dozen million, or enough to buy a few grams of Oscar, not to mention what make the difference? " While some banks have opened a physical gold buy-back operations, but there are various provisions of the restrictions. Most banks only recognize their sale of gold bars, as investors in other banks and shopping malls, gold shops to buy gold products and other channels, it will be not repurchase. Even the Bank sold gold bars, there are restrictions on repurchase varieties. For example, buy only issued by the Bank ICBC's "ideal gold bars," and belong to the same series of "ideal gold" is not in the list of repurchase; only repurchase of ABC, "the treasures handed down" series of gold, the consignment of the tiger not buy gold bars, etc.. Meanwhile, the prices of different banks have different buy-back provisions. ICBC provides buy-back price of gold changes twice a day, morning delivery of the specifications of the yellow gold as the base rate to fall 3 per opening, the afternoon Gold Exchange, the first afternoon, as the benchmark price of 3 yuan to float downward; Minsheng Bank (600016 , it shares) repurchase price of the gold exchange in real-time quotes based on the minus 2 million; Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Construction Bank, Bank, Bank of deep release are made based on the offer at that time. Even if business is to carry out the banks buy back the gold, nor all of its outlets are repurchase gold, some banks in the entire city is only a buy-back outlets, and even banks require customers to go to Shanghai, Beijing and other places The network processing. According to regulations, consumers could buy back the investment in gold bullion to buy, the premium in exchange on the basis of the current 10 yuan per gram fee; re-sell, you need premium, based on the same day less per gram 2 yuan can be realized. Insiders calculation, due to the presence of gold trading post, and only the price of gold rose about 10 yuan or more, investors can recover the costs. If consumers take the gold bars into the store to buy from elsewhere to sell, will have to subtract 5 yuan per gram, and this is only part of the business before the buyback offer services. One is to buy gold bullion collection, the second is the right price to throw a profit. In addition, the general goldsmith shops also have gold buy-back operations, some gold jewelry, or a number of commemorative gold bars, gold coins and other gold products can choose to buy jewelery. Repurchase costs are generally high, and the reputation has yet to be verified. In addition, there are pawn shops in disguise buy gold jewelry, etc., but these businesses given the general repurchase price of gold or gold products, lower valuations, investors would rush to hand, the cost to be paid more than 30 yuan per gram or more. Remind investors repurchase Note: in compliance with anti-counterfeit labels gold bars, which is not opened. Second, to produce gold bars supporting materials (generally gold bullion certificates, formal invoice); three gold bars to keep the original packaging, the appearance of gold bullion standard identity intact. Fourth, the gold price transparency (in real time whether it is real gold, and now too many places to raise a number of real-time price of gold, making the fee seems very low.) Unlike physical gold buy-back because foreign exchange business relates to how to identify the fineness of gold, authenticity, etc., there must be some technical indicators to verify the weight and the product phase requires the identification and so on, increasing the difficulty of the bank, so banks are reluctant to recovery. If the buy-back channels can not be resolved, physical gold investments can not be truly universal. Gold investment in general in late January to February, July to late August, mid-October to November is a good time to buy, 3 months to 5 months, 9 months late, is to sell 12 mid-early out good time.