Venture capital investment, are you worn what is urgent?
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The Internet bubble of 20 centuries end let the business of venture capital investment of Silicon Valley and wall street have the bitter taste of eager for quick success and instant benefit, now, face GOOGLE to appear on the market the financing mad tide that lifts, they perhaps should maintain " common heart "

How many ability does industry of venture capital investment invest every year to calculate reasonable? To this, the it may be said inside course of study opinionses vary.
People thinks generally, the 5 billion investment dimensions to 20 billion dollar is more reasonable. It is at the beginning of 90 time, exceeding the fund of 250 million dollar to calculate is to surpass big fund. And arrived 90 time end, what didn't the fund of 250 million dollar already calculate, capital dimensions is expanding ceaselessly. Thereafter, as the generation of fund of 1 billion dollar, industry of venture capital investment greeted the times of a clinking prosperity. According to VentureOne investigation company data shows, the fund of collect of place of industry of American venture capital investment already the is not worth 3 billion dollar to rise to 2000 800 much dollars from 1992. However, content pole declines surely, already evidence makes clear now, of fund excessive expand, can bury next foreshadowing to occurrence decline of the following venture capital investment.
Those who be brought up is vexed
Handkerchief of California door collect overcomes heart fund to invest Kun Ci of · of firm partner Paul to think, "1 billion dollar or fund of 1.5 billion dollar use collect of company of venture capital investment at the investment activity of early days, it is a kind of wrong action. Venture capital investment is not simple dimensions question, not be people envisage search 20 new partner or it is to open 5 agency, await breathtaking redound result to come to an end next. " accordingly, although potential investor performance is positive, but fund investment firm is in only alternative 2000 collect 275 million dollar.
This year in June, luo Siji of heart of · of Paul of California college professor stalking or branch completed an investigation and study to fund of 1 billion dollar, research announced again as a result the malpractice of huge fund. Conclusion makes clear, "Fund of huge venture capital investment is a kind of disaster, after 5 years, this will produce undesirable consequence, or cause more severe chain reaction. " Paul Professor · Professor Kedeluosiji and other expert analysis think, first-rate fund dimensions should be 250 million dollar, manage by 4 copartner. "Practice of 25 years proves, the fund return rate of this kind of dimensions is the oldest, but, some moment people is not quite sensible to this, appear a little enthusiastic. Appear a little enthusiastic..
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