Xi Menzi buys harbour behind the curtain: Business of venture capital investment
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Business of venture capital investment looks right already the harbour loses patience, but Xi Menzi is right of the harbour the choiceness that buying a plan is both sides after all is done bureau, former still to getting a change to step in latterly, the answer is not at present clear

The harbour network that talent CEO Li Yinan establishs is experiencing the greatest transition since be born

Of Li Yinan anchor " harbour " not quiet. This " talent CEO " led harbour firm is immersed in again " Xi Menzi buys a harbour " the eddy of the hearsay.

It is by 2005, " finance and economics " magazine exposure: Xi Menzi with 110 million dollar (add up to 880 million yuan of RMB about) the price, all technology of the product of broadband high end that buys a harbour to include 3 series, patent and personnel of more than 100 technology inside core capital.

This star a few years ago does poineering work enterprise of science and technology arrived it seems that the juncture that life and death lives or die, its destiny caused the wide attention of IT bound, already the personage inside course of study gives out groan: "The harbour disappears is the distress of Chinese communication bound. "The harbour disappears is the distress of Chinese communication bound..

Does investment business lose patience?

"This is a harbour only a version in numerous hearsay. I also do not know this word allusion goes where. " the mood of Li Lin of spokesman of harbour company news is a little spellbound. But she insists to think the harbour won't disappear, "The route that the harbour still can take independent brand " . Chief skill Guan Tangpeng flies to the harbour to twinkle its word, with " attending a meeting " for reject to leak more detailed information.

Li Yinan still keeps silence painstakingly. 5 years ago, rely on from China many yuan of 1000 equipment that is equity settle accounts and share out bonus, li Yinan founds from the capital on Shenzhen north harbour company. This China the vice-president before be and technical talent, bosom has the dream that challenges a gender: Duplicate in the harbour China bed success. He should seek a significant opportunity that can unfold boxing foot greatly alone here.

Li Yinan is initiative the cold winter that does poineering work to encounter telegraphic course of study. Have the Li Yinan of profound insight to realize to the technology: Although telegraphic course of study is quick atrophic, but as netizen twice growth and high speed of Chinese Internet business develop, the business chance with gigantic hold in store of network equipment market. Li Yinan contracts knowledgeably battlefront, concentrate power on the data communication business that supplies network equipment. In leave China before doing it, li Yinan expresses clearly: "China to be in at present data corresponds the domain is drop of a relative weakness, also be dot of a potential opportunity at the same time, I myself also very have fun at develop in this respect. I myself also very have fun at develop in this respect..
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