The project venture in venture capital investment manages
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The project venture with medium venture capital investment manages

Venture capital investment is to point to deliver fund to at having tremendous growth potential but the industry of new and high technology that waits for risk of gigantic fiasco of each respect existence in technology, market at the same time drops financing action one kind when be united in wedlock in order to promote appearance of finance, industry, scientific research. This kind is called " the engine that economy grows " , " the hatch of intellectual economy implement " throw financing way, created the myth that high-tech company grows quickly, promoted intellectual economy to grow flourishingly. It is to pass invest in character actually the project of a high risk, tall redound group, have the project that succeeds among them selling or appear on the market, realize possessory rights and interests change now (exuviate endowment) , can offset the loss of unsuccessful project not only at this moment, and still can make investor wins get one's own back of high specified number.
The article aims to discuss the theory that how runs project risk, method, technology and method to apply in venture capital investment, help investment project supervisor thereby effective avoid high risk, realize high profit. Complete stationery body elaborated the investment project venture in venture capital investment to analyse (include estimation of risk identifying, risk, risk to evaluate) and risk management two major content, try to build the risk of project of venture capital investment that has Chinese distinguishing feature to run a system.
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According to the United States Quan Meifeng invests the definition of association nearly, venture capital investment (Venture Capital) it is by professional financier investment arrives burgeoning, develop quickly, the capital of a kind of rights and interests in the company that has enormous competition latent capacity. The risk of venture capital investment and gains affect into direct ratio commonly, namely the risk is bigger, gain profit possibility is taller. If where,the profit with the biggest pursuit below the circumstance of sealed risk is the problem that investor pays close attention to generally, must undertake to investing a risk scientific project venture manages consequently, ability is effective avoid risk, get the biggest profit.
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