Into think of danger to unscramble venture capital investment
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Audience friend everybody is good! The welcome is watched " dialog " program. The honored guest that should speak today with everybody is having very rich life experience, he is entered in chemical domain swung 40 years, go abroad before long after reforming and opening again study abroad, got the degree of the Master of industrial and commercial management. Some closer year come he cries out for new economy again, for boost the morale of of venture capital investment, by industry fair one of main founders that consider as Chinese venture capital investment course of study, so this one honored guest is vice-chairman of standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress into the gentleman that think of danger! Let us welcome him to enter the court with applause together. Into the gentleman hello!

Into think of danger: Hello!

Compere: Welcome your arrival.

Into think of danger: I see your hand a bit cool still.

Compere: Into the gentleman I introduce with you, these want a few audiences that will communicate with you namely today, do you also ask good with everybody?

Into think of danger: Friends are good, hope you regard me as a friend, a citizen, a scholar, such you won't nervous, thank.

Compere: When you come up a moment ago I tell everybody, I say this honored guest is having very rich life experience today, but also not be 3 two my words can say to understand. So for after a while everybody can communicate more greatly into the ground and you, we are repass a short lets everybody understand you better again. Are when a moment ago seeing you overcome change new site in Na Sida finally, you to made a presentation on invitation?

Into think of danger: Yes.

Compere: Do then you still remember you how much is the index that in the speech accept pointed to that day probably?

Into think of danger: Accept points to is probably 3000 bits or so.

Compere: 3000 bits or so.

Into think of danger: Yes.

Compere: That compares it that fastigium, it is 5000 dotty moment had been apart very far.

Into think of danger: Differ very far. And accept shows should saying is the peak was reached March 10, 2000, it is 5014 bits. The speech that I go to that day will be May 19, dropped 3000 a little bit or so. So I said a word, I say the capital market that serves as the stock market is fictitious economy, always wave type advancement, screw type rises it, so Dont Be Panic, do not fear.
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