About 8 kinds of illusion of venture capital investment
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In venture capital investment at the beginning of, must dispel certain illusion. Basically have among them:

Illusive one: The control that venture capital firm attempts to have you counterpoises, often issue orders to your day-to-day professional work. Say really, the control that firm of capital of neither one venture attempts to have a small company counterpoises, venture capital investment person the 50% above equity that seeks a company so, also basically be to make sure its already threw the safety of capital.

Venture capital firm wants to operate far from your company, they never think interpose your day-to-day professional work, also do not ask you are day-to-day report a case to them. No less than you can appreciate in this postscript ministry, venture capital investment person should invest at what keep existing and seek new investment opportunity, they hope you and your management group runs your company effectively, they think those who participate in you is great and decision-making only, do not want to intervene absolutely your day-to-day management business.

Illusive 2: A certain friend of the person that you must pass venture capital investment introduces, ability gets the investment of this investor. In fact, you need person of this kind of intermediary far from. A specification of good venture capital investment is the best intermediary person that you can find. If you want to request the person that some is full of,the venture facilities accord to you invests support, need person of this kind of intermediary probably. However, the controller of firm of most venture capital is medium estate personage, be not rich well-known public figure, what they have fun at exclusively is valuable investment project, do not care your social connection and intermediary person. If you have a lot of good friend or as more familiar as the person that has similar background, this kind of connection can enhance your authentic rate, that is to say, this kind of connection has certain effect truly, but, not was necessary to pass investor of danger of intermediary person aweather to convey your opinion to invest in order to obtain however.

Illusive 3: Venture capital company's only interest is domain of new technology development in fact, firm of most venture capital is ongoing to can making people lives 10-20 year replacement technology is not interested. The development of electric lamp technology makes people entered electric lamp period from oil lamp times, but whether dare the person that be the venture capital investment of professional sex at that time invest support? Your person feels suspicion. Because the investment redound of replacement technology wants the ability after quite long period to come true, consequently, get investment support very hard also. Should say, venture capital investment person to increasing model the technology has investment glow more, for example new-style computer, magnetism piece, appear on the market technology or the medium reform to original technology, obtain easily
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