Danger of zephyr of Internet, mobile communication invests the influence of mode
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Be worth the research of the problem to how solving equivalence of resource of capital, manpower in information economy environment, it is recently 20 years will manage an innovation with the biggest academia and change, also be the deepest to my influence government idea. Emperor of Ni Geluo Pang (Negroponte) " digitlization lives " a book that researchs this field namely. Of course idea of this one government is to pass a lot of people to drive ability development to rise jointly. The mode of venture capital investment below guidance of this one thought is mixed to generation entrepreneur the growing generation of stimulative innovation enterprise very good action. A lot of small companies can be in very short time by " accelerate the ripening " , rapid like taking hormone grown, then capital became the basis of the market and technology. It is of course in China's particular market environment, the development of this kind of mode needs a few flexible, because capital market of China is immature still, the influence of this kind of mode is really special and far-reaching nevertheless. I manage a lieutenant general in company interior this kind of mode tries to improve, established in-house poineering mechanism, it is a company ceaselessly to develop new business. Discover outstanding talent namely, provide its resource and platform for its, let his interiorly undertake poineering.

The influence of the management that does not pass the life of Internet and mobile communication technology to the mankind and company still does not have sufficient expression to come out. The Internet that applies now for instance basically still is not mobile, people can be secured only in the office work. But the development as the technology, the people after Internet adds mobile communication skill can be in any any places, time handle official bussiness, did not have fixed office spot and office hours, the change that this brings to company management has very big wallop certainly. Still have even if sale cost and channel give brought change in Internet and mobile communication. This we are OK grow quickly from what wear Er company get instructive. We had not encountered the sale on Internet in the past, it changed the sort of sale pattern of the past and agency contact with even. Although 20 years computer technology developed Internet times in the past,can say, had had a lot of great creation, but the world that future still is Internet, mobile communication and mode of venture capital investment 20 years, they will affect the life of the people that includes China inside and administrative way.
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