Red end of the year bag suits what low venture capital investment
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Recently, everybody begins to care the way of red end of the year bag. Media undertook to 100 citizens red end of the year bag allocates investigation a few days ago, major person will end of the year award is used at all sorts of consumption, the person be visited that has 18% expresses, will use at appreciation of conduct financial transactions, let red bag be roused again a bit. So look in light of us channel of what low venture capital investment suits to use award invests end of the year.

   "7 days of conduct financial transactions " contest current

Low risk the product of conduct financial transactions of small profit, do more easily, suit a risk to detest model person. Suggest to pay close attention to a bank above all " 7 days of conduct financial transactions " , if make a double benefit economy account, medium row " change interest is much " 7 days of conduct financial transactions, actually " 7 days of conduct financial transactions " inform deposit 7 days namely, it is a kind of big current bank savings, current of enjoyment prep above of saving interest rate deposits money. At present interest rate of RMB current saving is 0.72% , interest rate of saving of 1 day of announcements is the RMB 1.08% , the RMB informs deposit interest rate is 1.62 % 7 days. The start amount of kind of this kind of economy is higher, majority is put to rise 50 thousand yuan, handing in is to be as high as 150 thousand yuan capital to just go more all right.

   Income of structural sex deposit is high

The bank that rolls out product of RMB conduct financial transactions at present is not much, bank of the letter in if Guang Dayin goes,be being mixed. Products of these RMB conduct financial transactions belong to structural sex to deposit money more, one kind is a bank at the beginning of investing, become convert of this money share earnings the dollar beforehand, run with mode of foreign currency conduct financial transactions, accrual pays with dollar or RMB form. Another kind of practice is to use a RMB to impose dollar kind, economy gains also pays with RMB and dollar correspondence respectively. Doorsill of this kind of product also wants 50 thousand yuan, cannot shift to an earlier date inside economy term commonly redemptive, but yield is higher than informing deposit, 1 year period product year yield can be achieved 2.3% the left and right sides. This kind of product is not to have carry out at any time, the put on sale that investor wants to pay close attention to them period.
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