Venture capital investment sees golden dish
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"North is useful friendly, there is golden dish south " . Company of plate of gold of Shenzhen of company of our country famous software (Hong Kong does poineering work board appear on the market company) through introducing international venture capital investment, develop to have a network of 322000 much name, sale to spread all over the whole nation from 5 10 many people year ago, form the situation that with industry of our country software powerful force of another old brand uses friendly double male contend for hegemony. 2002, turnover of group of golden dish international is a RMB 318 million yuan, than going up year of growth 59.5% ; Of plan world information " 2002 to Chinese lowing market considered to report 2003 " show, golden dish international ranks a list of names posted up of innovation of administrative software product head, share of market of ERP software medium and small businesses the first. According to estimating this with year all increase advantageous position the value that the software company that the increase rate of 50% grows at full speed gave market of our country informatization to bring nearly 400 billion yuan. In Chinese fortune in 100 strong companies, the half chooses the informatization solution of golden dish. Run one of lead firms of software as Chinese mainland, the contribution that golden dish develops to the industrial structural adjustment of our country economy and whole society informatization and action not allow to underestimate.

Venture capital investment serves as " the person that the help innovates does poineering work " a kind of principal mechanism, not only the fundamental premise that is development of new economy generation, also be to grow model the conclusive power that the high speed that enterprise of science and technology creates core competition ability, implementation to be able to last ceaselessly increases. Enterprise of venture capital investment science and technology has clear efficiency advantage and competition than the company of science and technology at convention strong. The medium and small businesses that 1970 ~ of American support by venture capital investment between 2000 is in the index respect such as investment of forehead of sale, federal revenue, exit, R&D is traditional business respectively 2 times, 3 times, 2 times with 3 times.
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