BOT financing
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One, the meaning of BOT financing
BOT is English Build, Operate, the abbreviate of Transfer, build namely, manage, transfer pattern, it is the government grants contractor the chartered right of an infrastructure project (it is) of international financial group commonly. Contractor is in concessionary period inside responsible project design, financing, construction and operation, reclaim Wu of repay a debt of cost, countervail, earn profit, concessionary period the government transfers project ownership after the end. Substantial, a kind BOT financing means is project of management infrastructure of government and contractor collaboration special run mode.
BOT financing means is called in our country " means of chartered right financing " , its meaning is to point to a country or local government branch carries chartered right agreement, award an autograph to make an appointment with square foreign trader to invest an enterprise (include China and foreign countries collaboration of joint-stock, China and foreign countries, foreign trader is solely invested) assume infrastructure of male general character (fundamental industry) the financing of the project, build, manage and safeguard; Inside the concessionary time limit that sets in the agreement, project company has investment to build the property of establishment, allow the fee with proper collection of the person that use to establishment, reclaim from this project investment, manage and maintain cost and win reasonable get one's own back; Concessionary after expiring, project company turns over establishment free ground the autograph to make an appointment with square government sector.
The idea of BOT pitchs Er to put forward formally 1984 by Turkey premier be stranded.

2, the characteristic of BOT financing means and sort
The characteristic of 1.BOT financing means.
(1)BOT financing means is without what recover or finite recover, raise debt not plan into national external debt, debt repays the cash flow that can rely on a project only.
(2) contractor is in concessionary period inside have project droit and right of administration.
(On 3) name, contractor undertook a project total risk, financing cost is accordingly higher.
(4) and traditional pattern photograph are compared, design of BOT financing project, construction and operation efficiency are general taller, accordingly, the user can get relatively the service of high quality.
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