What calls BOT investment means
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BOT means has the branch of narrow sense and broad sense. Tell from narrow sense, BOT is to point to (Build, Operate, Transfer) namely " once battalion is turned over,build " English abbreviate of the first letter, also include the implication of this tripartite face. The manage of broad sense removed besides this one meaning, have a variety of particular commutation forms again, it basically includes BOOT(build, Own, Operate, Transfer) , namely: Once,construction is had battalion; One Rent of BRT(build, Transfer) , namely: Construction rents turn over wait for different particular mode of operation.

Specific and character, means of highway construction BOT is to show governmental 〔 passes contracted 〕 to award a project investor (course of study of the state-owend enterprise outside including and native enterprise) with proper time concessionary specialize in authority, permit its to financing is built and manage highway to build a project, allow its are passed collect fees or the management of facilities of service of along the line borrows money with pay off, reclaim to invest and earn profit. When at the expiration of one's term of office of chartered right deadline, deliver free of project of this highway infrastructure the government. For example flower law of area of chunnel, Hong Kong east area harbor the project with a batch of huge costs such as 9 chunnel collects money to build and throw operation with BOT means.

BOT investment regards a kind of new financing as means, be the same as photograph of other financing means to compare, have the legal characteristic of its oneself:

(1) move of benefit of as a matter of expediency looks: The government just is passed sign chartered right agreement with project company (contract) , the right of administration that builds road gives project company, after project company is managing certain period, its pass on gives place the government.

(2) from the point of extent of liability: The agreement that governmental basis signs (contract) , the kind that carries economic activity will be designed, financing, construction, manage, the responsibility move that defends highway establishment gives a project the company.

(3) in light of the capital from the project: The capital that the project place that uses BOT financing needs passes financing, loan to solve by investor of foreign investor or home entirely. The government is not offerred assure capital, but can borrow money appropriately or share, invest jointly.
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