ABC of venture capital investment
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Venture capital investment is to show by professional investment media is below the premise that takes risk oneself, apply capital to develop new product, cast to new industry, will newest scientific achievement and science government theory and capital photograph are united in wedlock, be engaged in be like application of technology of computer, laser and new material development to wait for creativity career, establish new company, it is the investment that a kind of high risk and high profit opportunity coexist.

Venture capital investment is danger of zephyr of department of orgnaization of government, finance, enterprise, research, institution of higher learing invests the integrated project that participates in jointly, its invest an object to be commonly have hi-tech project (product) , start before long, the new company that is badly in need of capital. So-called risk, market self-identity and the venture that basically includes hi-tech industrialization, patulous risk, investment security risk and competitive risk.

The appeal with the largest venture capital investment is high risk, tall redound. But investor does not participate in Wu be businessed by the classics of investment firm, also not to be invested the person is sent directly in the company; Investor does not ask year shares out bonus, its yield is main through be being invested the company appears on the market or property right is made over will come true.

One, the development of venture capital investment

After World War II, the United States breathed out Buddha university to found a name to be company of the first of ARD contemporary venture capital investment in Boston. The original intention that establishs this company is to support the entrepreneur of those scientist one's previous experience people, make them possible the product of market of translate into of achievement of science and technology in the hand. DEC gets the venture capital investment of 3 million dollar of ARD company in poineering initial stage, move toward the market very quickly.

Because course of study of venture capital investment has remarkable economic benefits and social beneficial result, there was great progress in the course that gets self-identity ceaselessly. 1996, fund of 675 venture capital investment of American invested 9.8 billion dollar to company of 1500 new and high technologies in all (average investment is 6.5 million dollar) ; End by 1997, company of many 300 venture capital investment of American early or late to infuse of many 2700 enterprise venture capital of 12.8 billion dollar. Can say, enter before global IT industry 100 big company at present, include Intel, Microsoft, HP, Sun, SGI to wait quite one part, it is the case with successful venture capital investment. In addition, american institution of higher learing and scientific research orgnaization also take seriously very use venture capital investment to pursue high-tech research and development. 90 time initial stage begins Colombian university venture capital investment
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