Of venture capital investment exit a mechanism
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Company of venture capital investment dare risk high risk, the purpose depends on getting get one's own back of capital of high specified number, consequently the company is in enterprise of infuse of venture capital investment 3 - there can be rich and generous profit to recall capital after 8 years. Investment firm is locked up to decide to prevent fund, exit time and means in what intentional regulation has fund in contract terms commonly. The means that capital of company of venture capital investment exits and opportunity choose, depend on those who invest company whole investment to combine earnings is the biggest change, and the ready money that does not seek particular is flowed into the biggest change. The main way that venture capital exits has 4 kinds:

Venture company stock appears on the market publicly;

What company of venture capital investment holds his share to sell other company;

Venture company buys an investment firm place to hold share;

After other company buys the agent corporation with this venture professional perhaps company again pass on sells piece.

Appearing on the market publicly in the stock exchange is the richest profitability and type of the most commonly used exuviate those representing capital for a time, however as a result of trival, strict appear on the market the condition makes small company appears on the market in the stock exchange very difficult, because this established the bourse that transfers small company stock technically in a few countries (2 board market) , like Canadian Wengehua bourse is mixed Denver bourse of the United States. Most venture capital investment of the United States supports appear on the market NASDAQ of enterprise head preexistence namely bar trades trade on the market, of England did not appear on the market security market (USM) also is producing same effect.

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