Venture capital investment is new politics
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Author brief introduction: Li Shoushuang Beijing becomes attorney office lawyer greatly, business of Chinese people college changes make institute secretary-general Abroad exit: Close to leave namely namelyVenture capital investment operates the last link of mode, also be the most important one link, exit namely. Exit the process that is implementation of value of venture capital investment, main way includes to appear on the market first (IPO) , buy and liquidate, and among them IPO is its mainstream. At present company of domestic venture capital investment undertakes IPO exit channel to basically undertake with overseas of off shore company red chip appear on the market give priority to. Gate for a time attack by surprise is close. Abroad appear on the market the operation ever encountered 2005 mortality is hit. Mixed on January 24, 2005 on April 24, bureau of national exchange control comes on stage early or late " the announcement that concerns an issue about perfecting foreign capital to buy exchange control " (collect hair [2005] 11) and " be registered about the investment outside condition of churchyard dweller individual and the announcement that foreign capital buys foreign currency to register concerned issue " (collect send [, from examined and approve link to get stuck abroad appear on the market the key in running one annulus, change a trading neck namely, cause halt of project of a lot of venture capital investment for a time. Net of China person of outstanding ability is the victim of these two files namely. U circumgyrate. On October 21, 2005, it is under the pressure of numerous respect, bureau of national exchange control was promulgated again " the announcement of concerned problem of financing of special end company and return investment exchange control outside telling pass through the territory of a country about churchyard dweller " (collect hair [2005] 75 article) , two files are narrated before abolishing. 75 article, be established from churchyard dweller or outside control condition special end company, and special end company mixes the asset of the churchyard company that churchyard dweller has his or equity infuse in to asset of infuse of special end company or equity a few crucial link such as financing of the equity outside junior travel condition, set clear foreign currency registers a program. On one hand new open the door of the fortune of venture capital investment, in the narrow channel that administration of bureau of the canal outside bringing into venture capital investment again on the other hand registers.
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