The 2nd board market brief introduction
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Recently, hong Kong and inland are discussing establish " the 2nd board market " and " appear on the market 2 times the problem of " . So, the 2nd board how is the market to return a responsibility?

"2 appear on the market " or weigh " the 2nd board " , be with " " of the first market or " the first board " photograph is corresponding and the concept of existence. The stock exchange establishs " the 2nd board " , it is to be like the state of these companies ability of size of business deadline, capital stock, gain, equity dispersive degree with " the first board " is distinguished come. Generally speaking, "The first board the company that " appears on the market, mix in capital stock dimensions trade on brisk rate strong at " the 2nd board " (but not absolutely also) . As the elapse of time, some stock exchanges are right " the first board " and " the 2nd board " still adopted those who differ to trade respectively means, set clearly enter " the first board the condition that " appears on the market and standard.

Current, japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan (before July 1997) wait for a stock exchange to be opened have " 2 markets " or " the 2nd board market " . American NASDAQ market is famous the 2nd board the market, the hatch that it and fund of venture capital investment can call company of high-tech of stimulative United States to grow quickly implement. The main target that NASDAQ serves is the medium and small businesses of American home and high-tech enterprise, appear on the market commonly at present the standard is 1, clean tangible 6 million dollar; 2, the accrual before before appearing on the market one year of duty 1 million dollar; 3, the public is held 1.1 million; 4, ask without management deadline; 5, partner 400 above; 6, the public holds the stock market to be worth 4 million dollar. Some index are more beautiful diplomatic relation easy place is low. In addition, NASDAQ1992 year still be small-sized reached burgeoning company to create small-sized capital market (SmallCapMarket) , its appear on the market the level is lower, without outstanding achievement requirement. NASDAQ has the big company of celebrated international already, if malic computer, Fuji, Feng Tian, love establishs letter, Reuter, have again a lot of little known the small company that is deficit even, its appear on the market the company covers a range more, include industry of mining of carry of insurance of manufacturing industry, bank, battalion, retail trade, chemical industry to wait for all-embracing, but new and high technology is latent capacity of the development in NASDAQ the biggest, company's most industry. Although be to regard as at the beginning the first board the complement of the market, but NASDAQ with its of low cost run and good service (if make town business system distinctly, to appear on the market the company appoints the professional personage that is good at stock market research to be a contact, provide more news service and data) , make its become complete beauty to develop the sharpest security market. 1994 of NASDAQ trade the value exceeded London and Tokyo stock exchange. Besides trade value and city
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