How can Chinese enterprise just attract investor?
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Industrial market of China, in walked out of it is OK to have only should the product is run " become rich overnight " after myth, "Nearing one's ends " it is each boss hair almost from the heart plaint. As the enterprise, there is the product of jewellery of self-righteous rare world in the hand, the great majority in the heart is frustrated: My product is so good, no matter be technology of technology of notional mechanism, research and development, production, still be group quality, do not have a problem, where is the look that how cannot attract investor namely? As course of study inside endowment orgnaization of adviser of be on sale of international of blue Ge Zhiyang, depend on orgnaization place oneself at the industry experience of ten years, point out a bright road for numerous enterprise. Want to know, what be short of on this market is how to be a client to create value, how be answered and be on guard risk, how to form oneself core the strategy and make the market do old method by force, include the fighting capacity of the group and full resultant force at the same time, do not lack a product at all, do not be short of a project. Well-known, the follow suit gas of Chinese industry, appear even if accompanying the market grow and increasingly powerful and prosperous, more and more savage market is homogeneous change, overdrew the vitality of whole market, just think, even if had investor to take a fancy to this market, face the market to go up " 1000 people one side " product, how to call a person to dare issue this to note? The market that reviews China develops a process, gentleman disappears, in the market severe test of balefire rise from all directions falls, the brand that more or less is familiar with toppled, have the emerge in large numbers with how many new ceaseless brand again. Also explain likewise, whether get used to competitive environment, it is an enterprise whether those who live is essential. Chinese medium and small businesses is superfluous, the product is coessential change serious with each passing day, this is the fact that does not dispute. If the enterprise wants to live develop, your product must the eye that can attract investor, this is a kind of iron makes infrangible law it seems that. Orgnaization of blue Ge Zhiyang often has such enterprise, agency people come round go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures, ask a word without one exceptional metropolis: "What good project is recommended this year, what new business chance gives directions " . According to an investigation the data shows: In the bank deposit in us and, having 300 billion unused fund about is to use those who search investment project. Since demand can have the market, so why demand of so big a market, unluckily cannot the enterprise attract investor? The orgnaization points out blue Ge Zhiyang: Want to had taken the following steps sturdily only, once had been planted truly,Chinese parasol is cultivated, be still afraid of bring do not come Jin Fenghuang?
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